V Marketplace 25th Annual Vintage Car Show was a success

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a vintage car show in Yountville for Father's Day.  My entire family was there celebrating, and dad in particular looked very dapper. Being surrounded by so many handsome vintage cars my age and older made my entire week.

I met many ladies and gentlemen who appreciated my history as a butcher truck in France. One lovely woman said that I was her favorite vintage car at the show. I would agree with her, however, I fell in love with a small cherry-red speed boat. I am handsome... but she was gorgeous.

Although I am best as a mobile bar, that day we served up some sweet gourmet Popsicles for The Pathway Home, a local charity benefiting our hardworking combat veterans who served in the Middle East. It was a pleasure.

Lastly, to all of those kind people that I met that day who have reached out.... I can't wait to make your upcoming parties amazing.