Our Story

The Duke was born on a cold winter day when a handsome couple was throwing a party and wanted a food truck and bar.  Shawn and Nicole looked and looked, and none of the trucks were right. One was too big. One was too ugly. None were dapper enough to invite to the party. All they wanted was a good looking vintage truck that could serve cocktails.

It didn't exist.

This is when Nicole, after spending over a decade in corporate America, decided to pursue her true passion... making things look really cool. With Shawn by her side, they set out to find the most sought after event truck ever.

After an incredible journey through the countryside of Burgundy, France, they found him. He was an old butcher truck. He was not too big. He was very handsome, and he would definitely be invited to the party.

They named him The Duke.

The rest is history...