Common Questions

Can I rent The Duke and serve my wine/food?

Yes. If you do not need/want a server we can provide a truck all set up. He can be your very own branded Vintage Bar to serve your wine and/or food. You must be in the wine/food trade and a royal member will be onsite to ensure a seamless experience.

Does The Duke cook food on the truck?

No, we are not a food truck. If you choose to have one of our trucks provide appetizers/desserts for your event, we will work with one of our gourmet partners and it will be prepared prior to the event. Or we can work with your licensed caterer or favorite restuarant. The truck will serve as the mobile event space where the food is presented and/or served.

How can you hire The Duke for? How much does it cost?

Every event is different so no price is fixed. We will modify the price and cater to your specific needs. Email us for more specifics. Rates start at $1250 for truck only option.

What areas does The Duke service?

We are based in Scottsdale, AZ and Napa Valley, CA

Does The Duke sell alcohol?

No. Alcohol is supplied by the event organizer or a third party. If you need alcohol brought in we can work with a third party to make the process seamless for you. No pouring or corkage fees. We are licensed to pour.

Does The Duke have staff to serve?

Yes, we can provide you with one to two royal members depending on the size of the event if that fits your needs. More staff upon request.