Do you want to start a cocktail truck business?


We buy Citroen HY Vans from Europe and transform them into Vintage Cocktail Trucks in the United States.

We purchased our first Citroen HY truck in 2015. The Duke has become an iconic brand in the mobile bar space. Our trucks reflect the hip sensibilities of those that like sweet one of a kind experiences.....

Are you looking to do something different with your life an own one of the most amazing business there is? Call us (888) 965-1974. 


We are experts in the cocktail truck business: 

- Importing and restoring the trucks

- Retrofitting the truck into a working bar

- Developing a truck's concept

- Branding, marketing, advertising and pricing

- Social Media engagement

- Client interaction

- Contracts 

- Legal & Insurance


it is harder than it looks. TRUST ME

It took us much time and research to find and purchase our trucks, understand our target market, create a brand, and find licensing and insurance. 

We have a two year track record in the cocktail truck space and have been very successful. On average we net $1500 per event for an average of $4K-$6K per month. This spring we did $40K in gross revenue. We hire staff to work the truck so if you do it yourself you can likely make much more. 

If you buy a Cocktail Truck from us we will assist you in getting the appropriate insurance and licensing, however licenses very from state to state and between municipalities. Our Trucks are fully operational from the day it is shipped to you and you can start operating right away. 

Starting a business is not easy... We are professionals and would love to help you! 

Reach out if you are interested and we can begin the process. We require a deposit and non-disclosure agreement to move forward. 

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